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There’s nothing simple about your daily work. But now there is a simpler way for you to capture the images you need to achieve faster diagnoses and treatment plans.


The groundbreaking CS 9600 enables new levels of image quality,
usability and, ultimately, precise diagnostic capabilities. The system features intelligent innovations and automated workflow technologies to ensure reliable patient positioning and reproducible image quality—independent of operator skills. And for a future beyond today, the system can grow with your practice thanks to upgradeable fields of view, versatile imaging options and added-value software.


Stable Positioning: Patient can be scanned standing
or seated using the optional removable seats that maximizes patient stability and minimizes risk of motion.


Live Positioning Assistant: Patients are aligned using cameras, while live patient views are displayed on the SmartPad for easy and exact positioning.


Smart Technologies: SmartAuto Pan and SmartAuto 3D analyze the patient morphology to automatically calculate the right exposure settings and trajectory, or to precisely define the field-of view position.


User-Friendly Smartpad: Intuitive SmartPad and clear interface guide the user through the exam, simplifying the procedure from exam setup to image quality control.


CS MAR: CS MAR drastically reduces metal artifacts and even lets you explore images dynamically—with or without MAR filter—for more confident diagnoses.


More Power, Less Artifacts, Less Dose: The 120 kV high-power imaging chain1 helps reduce artifacts and improve contrast while reducing effective dose for CBCT exams.


CS Face Scan: Capture realistic 3D facial photos with the optional CS Face Scan,1 and automatically superimpose the surface scan with CBCT images and 3D models.






CS 9600 ® CBCT and Panoramic System

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