The essentials of top performance: Fast, compact, and delivering consistently high-quality results, the CS 7600 provides everything you’d expect a high-performance intraoral plate system to offer and more. Using our exclusive Scan & Go technology, the system automates tasks and eliminates mistakes – making it a cost-effective solution for anyone.


Truly automated workflow: Unlike other imaging plate systems, there’s no need to block the CS 7600 when scanning a plate. With Scan & Go technology, plates are identified electronically prior to the exam and images then automatically routed to the appropriate computer and patient file. This not only eliminates waiting time, but also eliminates the risk of mistakes.


Consistent speed and quality: The CS 7600 quickly delivers high quality intraoral images each and every time it’s used. Access your first image in as little as five seconds, or scan and display a full mouth series (FMS) in just minutes to receive