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If you’re still waiting to adopt 3D imaging, there’s no better time to reconsider. Meet the new CS 8100 3D, a versatile system that blends award-winning 2D imaging with the abilities of 3D to finally put both technologies within your reach. And, given its imaging and CAD/CAM capabilities, the CS 8100 3D allows you to perform more procedures in your office— making it an ideal investment for any dental professional.


  • Provides best image quality for your investment
  • Selectable 3D programs include four fi elds of view ranging from 4 x 4 cm to 8 x 9 cm
  • Ultra-high resolution perfect for endodontic needs (up to 75μm)
  • Multifunction system covers a broad range of dental procedures
  • Lightweight, ultra-compact unit fi ts easily in small spaces
  • Delivers outstanding value; quick return on investment
  • Easy to install, learn, and use


Technologies that complement one another: Designed to be used daily by general practitioners and endodontists, the CS 8100 3D covers most of you everyday imaging needs. Choose the 2D mode for traditional panoramic exams, or unleash the power of 3D for more advanced applications, such as endodontics, implant planning, and oral surgeries. Whether it’s a two-dimensional or 3D image, the CS 8100 3D delivers the precise, high-resolution visual evidence you need to perform routine and advanced procedures—so there’s simply no better way to make the move to 3D.


An ideal blend of power and simplicity:  For all of its features, the CS 8100 3D is remarkably easy to use. The unit’s intuitive interface and easy-to-use imaging software makes exams faster and easier, while preset programs and automatic exposure settings reduce operational errors. From smart bite blocks that feature letter landmarks to laser-free positioning, the CS 8100 3D makes exams easier—and more accurate—than ever.


High resolution, low radiation: By utilizing cone beam CT technology, the CS 8100 3D produces a signifi cantly lower radiation dose than the average CT system—making it a safe choice for patients. In addition, the unit’s four selectable fi elds of view and fast scanning mode confi ne radiation to the area of interest and reduce length of exposure for further safety. At the same time, the system delivers ultra-high resolution images up to 75μm to ensure you have all
the details you need to make an accurate and confident diagnosis—particularly for endodontic procedures.


The optimal mix of beauty and brains: With its sleek and elegant design, the CS 8100 3D certainly appeals to the eyes—however, the system offers far more than just looks. Behind its pretty exterior, the unit features the most advanced technologies to help you work more effi ciently, without the added complexity of technology.

CS 8100 3D ® CBCT and Panoramic System

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