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The Kaps 1100 is the first level in the Kaps modular range of dental microscopes!


It is equipped with a balancing facility for ideally equalizing the microscope's motion, brilliant optics and ultra-bright LED lighting. The Kaps 1100 thus provides high-contrast, true-color visualization. This gives the dentist maximum control during the whole treatment!


The balancing system enables the dentist to adjust the Kaps dental microscope smoothly and precisely to any desired position, even with adapted accessories. Even asymmetric loads are perfectly balanced and do not impair the microscope's ergonomics.

The high light intensity, achieved through the innovative white light LED illumination, enables a glimpse into areas that are normally hardly accessible. The homogeneously illuminated field of vision and higher contrast ensure fatigue-free working. 


Ergonomic Solutions
The Kaps dental microscope was designed with the focus on ergonomics, since dentists often complain about neck and back problems. With the Kaps 45° ergonomic wedge, including the binocular turntable, problems like these are now a thing of the past. The Kaps 1100 is used while you are comfortably seated in an ergonomic upright posture. This results in far more relaxed working.

KAPS ® 1100 Dental Surgery Microscope