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The Powerful, Affordable, Pocket Portable Addition to Your Practice


The First Personal Laser


All the power and control is concentrated in your hand for uniquely
personal performance.

  • No foot pedals to clutter your operatory floor
  • Avoid getting tangled in cords and wires with single, self-contained handpiece
  • Increase productivity with an unrestricted, truly personal experience

Versatility at the touch of a finger


With the ability to engage the finger switch from different positions, the iLase allows maximum comfort and working efficiency, whether performing procedures in the anterior or posterior of the mouth.

  • Wrap around finger switch accessible from any angle in the oral cavity
  • "Standby" & "Ready Mode" protection
  • Fully autoclavable for easy infection control


Clinically Convenient


The iLase amazes because so much convenience is packed into such a small, portable device. Surgical tips are disposable for easy setup and teardown. And the iLase ships with 10 factory-loaded surgical presets, with slots for 14 more of your favorite procedures.


Balanced and Ergonomic

The precise ergonomics of the iLase handpiece also reduce arm, wrist, and hand fatigue for clinicians.

Power That Lasts


The iLase delivers power when you need it most – at the time of treatment. Whether the procedure is long or short, iLase has the battery life to meet your needs.

  • Delivers up to 5 Watts of peak power for even the toughest soft-tissue cases
  • Adjustable power in tenths of a Watt for clinical precision
  • Convenient countertop battery charger and extra batteries included
  • 3 Watts of continuous power

iLase ® Diode Dental Laser

  • Product Catalog: English | Español

  • Available in Puerto Rico